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About us


Dînette gives a second life to elegantly designed objects and thus places aesthetics and durability at the heart of its business.

Dînette is an online store where objects from the past find a new lease of life. Here, we believe in true beauty. One that is designed with love, mindfulness and honesty.


An approach where transparency and respect translate into unique pieces, intended to decorate your interior in the most responsible way possible. Through diverse encounters, sources of inspirations and deep values, Dînette celebrates the art of bringing existing objects back to life so as not to neglect the past or the present and to infuse beauty everywhere, all the time.

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Our history

Some things are just meant to be. It’s the case with Dînette, where behind it reside two childhood friends, Andrea and Laïla, who grew up playing the “dînette” together. After having traveled around the world, they meet again in Geneva in 2019. From this authentic bond, is born the idea of ​​undertaking a project based on their common interests and values.


Andrea Mairos


Specialized in marketing and project management, Andrea manages the overall communication of Dînette. Through her international vision and expertise, it is a whole unique energy and dynamic that she transmits.


Laïla Qarbal


Creative and passionate, Laïla creates the identity of Dînette and brings ideas to life. As a graphic designer and set decorator for numerous films, she has an artistic sensibility and the fundamental knowledge to seek, find and showcase that rare pearl.

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Our philosophy

Timeless pieces for the modern home.

In a world of fast moving design trends, our pieces have stood the test of time. We believe that second hand shouldn’t mean dated. As soon as you delicately place our hand-made vase on your dining table or pour your first coffee into our ceramic cup, you’re giving new life to these classic pieces.

A touch of nature.

Each of our pieces is inspired by nature. The curves and colors are gentle and soothing – like the sound of a seashell held up against your ear. They calm us, and inspire us. A home is a sanctuary. When we wake up in the morning, our home and everything in it is the first thing we lay eyes on. After a long day, our home is where we come to find peace and solace. So the way we choose to decorate the home matters.

Mindful living.

We are often surrounded by clutter and noise. By stripping away that which doesn’t bring value, we’re inviting mindfulness and peace into our lives. The things we choose to surround ourselves with have an impact on us and our environment, which is why we invite you to make conscientious choices.

Beautiful imperfections.

Like us all, Dînette’s objects have a life full of stories. The imperfections amassed over time are those that make them beautiful and unique. However, in order to allow the past to continue and history to be written, Dînette only proposes products of high quality and in their best possible condition.

Contact us

Dînette is a small online store with a lot of ambition. If you want to collaborate, share information or if you are just curious to know more, feel free to contact us.

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